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Tec Gen Sports events 1.0 Edition

A 12-week online course to become part of the next GENeration of Sport event Technology professionals.

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Looking for an exciting career path in Technology and major international Sport events?

This 12-week online course is a unique entry door to work in the world’s biggest Sport events and travel worldwide.

For 2 hours a week, you will discuss what the TEC roles for Sport events are, how to perform them well, and how to grow in this career. All guided by professionals with extensive experience in the biggest sport events in the world. A special opportunity to network with people with the same passions
as you.

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12 weeks

4th APRIL TO 20th JUNE




18:30 – 20:30 CET

Successful candidates will get a Legacy Groupe Certificate signed by Christiaan Page – Executive Director of Legacy Groupe with more than 30 years of experience in the Olympic Games and other major sport events

1795 €

¡Discount! Now 859 €

Talent pool:

Students can join Legacy Groupe talent pool for job opportunities both for our office in Lausanne, Olympic Capital, and/or to attend major sport events in different cities such as Paris, Milano, etc.

Potential internship opportunity at major Sport events happening in 2024.


2 Free tickets for two on-site Seminars

Technology in major sport events Seminar in Paris, France.
Leadership Seminar in Lausanne, Switzerland

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This course will boost your opportunities to work in the sport events industry.

Successful students will graduate from TEC GEN with a stronger understanding of the sport event technology industry, and hard and soft skills to perform TEC jobs with greater confidence.

We propose an interactive and dynamic methodology that brings out the maximum potential of the students. More than sitting and listening for two hours per week, students have multiple options to connect with the content and collaborate with peers and instructors.


Meet your trainers

The course will be conducted by professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet some distinguished guest speakers from the international sports scene.


Has extensive experience in managing IT and technology infrastructure projects at sport events such as Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup, etc.


Is an author and journalist with 15 years of international experience in communication and sport.


Has over 30 years of experience coaching swimming, collegiate rowing and leaders. She was a top ranked executive search professional in tech and ICT serving three continents.


Is an author, vocational psychologist, education expert, and coach with over 25 years of experience creating and facilitating courses for businesses and schools in 30 countries.

Christiaan PAGE

Has led the teams responsible for delivering the “Games Technology Ecosystem” in at least ten Summer and Paralympic Games. He is the Executive Director of Legacy Groupe, currently providing technology services for 2024’s major sport events. He also serves as a Senior Technology Adviser for the IOC and major technology suppliers such as Orange.


Has 15 years of international experience as coach, consultant, and trainer in sustainable leadership and organisational development for businesses and social organisations.

Vivienne RICE

Is a Senior Technology Project Manager with a wealth of experience in sport events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Keith ROSE

Has 38 years’ experience in the Telecommunications & IT industry, that he currently applies in major sport events such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games.

Which professional role best suits your interests and skills?

During this course you will learn more about the TEC professionals involved in the sport events industry, the role they play in the preparation and delivery of events, and the skills needed to perform them. After the course, you will be ready to prepare your CV and network with the people who will open the doors for your international sports career.

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Join the next GENeration of TEC professional for sport events

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